Billing time made simple.

Alpaka Punch


Client Billing

Alpaka Punch is a simple billing timer.

It's perfect for you as a small business owner, designer, consultant, developer, lawyer or freelance worker for tracking your worktime and billable hours.

The native iOS and Android apps synchronise with your online Alpaka account to make administering your client and projects lists simple.

Try Alpaka Punch

Alpaka Punch requires an alpaka subscription. The app is an extension of the web version of Alpaka. But you will want to try it before you sign up.

  1. Install the iOS or Android app
  2. Sign in using these credentials
    • Tenant - punch
    • Username -
    • Password - punch
  3. Start timing, investigate the app, we will tidy up after you.*

Billing Timer in the Apple App Store Billing Timer in the Google Play Store

*This means anyone can use the app with this log in, please forgive them if they abuse this priviledge during your investigation.


  • Easy to use with simple intuitive workflow
  • Use in your browser or on iOS and Andoid
  • Review, edit and delete raw time entries
  • Merge multiple timers to bill as a single record
  • Safeguards to ensure integrity of records
  • Admin oversight on all staff timers
  • Download or export to calendar, timesheets and accounts.

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